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Whole Nutrition for Eye and Total Health

Super Lutein is a nutritional supplement specially designed for eye and total health that provides an advanced formulation offering lutein and 5 additional naturally-sourced carotenoids along with anthocyanin and DHA. Currently consumed in over 60 countries world-wide, Super Lutein was first introduced to the Japanese market in 1999 and it is now available in the United States!
Carefully conceived and developed by skillful artisans, Super Lutein is a masterpiece prepared infusing the Japanese traditions of “monotsukuri” (craftsmanship) and “wa” (harmony): characteristics clearly reflected in the way the ingredients synergistically work in harmony with the body to maintain eye health and overall wellbeing.

Broad Spectrum Formula Unique to NPUSA

All carotenoids and ingredients in Super Lutein are carefully selected and based on their distribution in foods. The major advantage of Super Lutein over any other product containing Lutein is the combination of 6 carotenoids with DHA in a proprietary formula that also includes anthocyanin, extracted from berries including bilberry and black currant, African palm oil, unshiu mikan (satsuma mandarin oranges), Vitamin E, and Vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12. Super Lutein is gluten-free. A broad spectrum multi-carotenoid supplement, specially designed for eye and total health.

Hear it from the Expert! Dr. Frederick Khachik

Many of the accomplishments of Professor Frederick Khachik, Ph.D., recommended him to NPUSA . However, prominent among those many achievements are his two patents for the isolation and purification of Lutein from marigold flowers!
Because of his specific competence in an area of research so important to NP—the Lutein in the NP supplement Super Lutein is derived from marigolds—he has been retained as Scientific Advisor.

Dr. Khachik says of his appointment:
“I have dedicated decades of my professional life to the study of Carotenoids, and I am convinced that nutritional supplementation through Carotenoids such as Lutein provides the body with some of the best nutritional support available to strengthen the structure and support the healthy function of the body in a number of important, life sustaining areas. That is the principal reason I am so enthusiastic about my association with NP and the introduction of the company and its products to the USA!”

Dr. Khachik has published 63 peer reviewed articles, 18 book chapters, and been awarded 12 patents. Between 1990 to present he has presented more than 100 lectures on carotenoids at national and international conferences.
Watch the interview with Dr. Khachik to learn what makes Super Lutein, Super!

High Quality Ingredients: Sure and Safe

Flora GLO® lutein, the main ingredient of nutritional supplement SUPER LUTEIN (and the lutein with the No. 1 share in the world market) is processed by Kemin Industries, Inc. of USA, and DSM Nutritional Products). Lutein is first extracted from marigold flowers and crystallised under conditions of high purity, by an extraction and purification process.Flora GLO® is a brand most trusted by doctors for eye health in the U.S.(*)

Secure, safe, and high-quality product manufactured in accordance to the strict quality control standards of ISO9001, ISO22000, and the Dietary Supplement cGMP.

  • *1 Based on the results of the National Disease and Therapeutic Index syndicated report among physicians who recommend a dietary supplement with lutein for eye health – Dec. 2011 – Dec. 2012 (USA data)



Interview Video with the Scientist – TalkTV Interview Video with the Scientist – TalkTV

Broad spectrum nutritional supplement with 5 Carotenoids Broad spectrum nutritional supplement with 5 Carotenoids

Specially Designed Super Lutein Formula - Nutrition Facts Specially Designed Super Lutein Formula - Nutrition Facts


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