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Enhancing your nutrition & overall wellness with Super Euglena

Super Euglena is a unique product formulated to enhance gut health and overall wellness. With the addition of Paramlyon, Super Euglena helps the body get rid of unwanted dietary substances that aren’t easily removed through normal means.

Over the past 50 years, the consumption of meat, snacks, and processed junk food high in fatty oils and preservatives have increased due to the rise of unhealthy habits and diets. In recent years, irregular eating routines such as late-night binging and fast food have become increasingly trendy. Many people have cited their lack of time from busy schedules as the main reason why a balanced diet is difficult to maintain. However, a new healthy superfood known as euglena has quickly become a hot topic as a consumable for good health.

Learning to cope with today’s stresses and pressures have had an adverse effect on how people handle and maintain proper health. Super Euglena is a means to bridge that gap, and when taken with Naturally Plus’ IZUMIO and Super Lutein (or MIRTO+), the end result is a trifecta in maintaining optimal wellness and health from the inside out.

A Deeper Look at Euglena & Paramylon

Euglena is a living plant-animal hybrid microalgae – like plants, it can carry out photosynthesis; like animals, it has the ability to move on its own. Although tiny (only 0.05mm seen under a microscope), euglena has an abundance of beneficial nutrients. It’s an organism that has led to a rise in popularity amongst scientists and those interested in accessing the health benefits provided. In total, it contains 59 types of nutrients commonly found in vegetables such as vitamins and minerals, as well as nutrients found in meat in fish, including DHA, EPA, and amino acids. Unlike plant cells, euglena does not have hard cellulose cell walls and makes its nutrients to be easily digested and absorbed by humans.

The microscopic pores in euglena’s sponge-like structure exists because of a unique complex carbohydrate known as paramylon, a β-glucan polymer. Paramylon is a specialized carbohydrate (similar to starch) that allows it to function as a form of energy storage, enabling the organism to move around and survive long periods of light deprivation. The euglena present in Super Euglena has an astoundingly high amount of paramylon content. In comparison, typical Euglena found in the wild has an average of 15% paramylon concentration, whereas the one developed for Super Euglena contains 55% paramylon concentration. This 55% paramylon concentration is the first of its kind and is the industry-leading benchmark among euglena dietary consumables. Naturally Plus is the only company that has been given the designation of “Euglena gracilis EX55” for this strain of Euglena.

Super Euglena’s Unique Formulation

In addition to the euglena (and paramylon) content, Super Euglena incorporates two vital ingredients that are important for good intestinal bacteria. The first ingredient is one that is exclusive to Naturally Plus called Flora Peptide™.

Flora Peptide™ is an ingredient derived from milk protein and is compatible with good intestinal bacteria in the gut. This ingredient is contained within a two-layered coating that makes it resistant to digestion by gastric acid and allows it to effectively reach the large intestine.

The second unique ingredient to Super Euglena is a Xylo-oligosaccharides (XOS), a type of polymer of sugar xylos that selectively feed beneficial bacteria to the digestive tract for overall gut health. Compared to other oligosaccharides, XOS are effective even in small amounts, making it ideal in Super Euglena’s formulation.

Cultivating & Processing Euglena

Super Euglena’s formulation process begins at the Euglena Co. Ltd. manufacturing technology research facility in Ishigaki Island (Okinawa Prefecture) where it is cultivated with exposure to sunlight and submersion in a crystal-clear water that is rich in minerals. This initial process has earned Euglena Co. Ltd. the FSSC 22000※1 certification.

After cultivating, euglena is then processed at a Dietary Supplement GMP※2 compliant factory in Japan. As capsules are being filled, air conditioning and sanitation standards are strictly managed. The capsules go through multiple check stations to ensure the quality is of the highest standard, care, and safety.

  • *1 A set of international food safety standards developed by the Foundation for Food Safety System Certification (FSSC). By manufacturing and managing processes according to these strict standards, Naturally Plus ensures the highest safety level of food products.
  • *2 Dietary Supplement GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) refers to a standard that can be implemented on work processes and appropriate quality checks for the manufacture of quality products.




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